Ruidcar how does it work?


Innovative solution to help in the identification of noises in the suspension, bodywork, attached parts, internal noise of panel, cluster, seats, doors, framework, etc.
It simulates the vehicle in motion, and it is possible to adjust the vibration frequency of the oscillators to represent displacement in bumpy,
unleveled, undulating streets so that the noise can be discovered in an assertive manner, avoiding unnecessary disassembly and exchange of car parts.

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«Control panel in metallic structure, consisting of buttons and electrical components that drive the system as a whole,
frequency inverters and multicables for connection and control of oscillators;

*Two metal stands, to support the two front wheels of the vehicle on slidings trays in “V” format to promote lateral
movements, with base composed of a tripod format;

Ruidcar noise in front suspension
  • Two oscillators equipped with an electromechanical system, motor, hydraulic unit and control buttons, emergency
    button LED, potentiometer, anti-impact and anti-vibration feet, to support the two wheels of the vehicle on the
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rotating trays in “V” format to promote steering of the wheels. The oscillators also include a LED reflector in each
of them, as a lighting tool for use under the vehicle, to help identify noises from visible parts.

Technical data:

Ruidcar noise damper
  • Control panel, approximate dimensions (Lx W x H): 480 x 400 x 1154 mm (total width: 772 mm)
  • Easel :
    o Height of frame with sliding tray and leveling feet: 1015mm x 1015mm;
    0 Load capacity: 750 kg x 2 (1,5 ton.)
  • Oscillator :
    0 Approximate dimensions (Lx W x H): 850 x 651 x 989 mm;
    o Approximate individual weight: 280 kg;
    o Power Supply: 220V single-phase or 220V two-phase or 380V three-phase;
    0 Motor: 5 hp, low speed;
    o Anti-impact vibration-stop feet, leveling : 5/8”;
    o Trays (support for tyres): swivel, for wheel steering;
    o Amplitude (vertical movement): 23mm;
    0 Load capcity: 750 kg x 2 (1,5 ton.)
(47) 98872-0320 (PEÇAS)
Ruidcar noise in front suspension


Items included:

  • Vibratory platform for noise identification, being:
    o Control panel with power cable and 2 cables of 7 meters each for oscillator control;
    0 2 oscillators with rotating trays in “V” format, anti-impact and leveling feet;
    0 2 easels with sliding trays in “V” format, tripod format base and leveling feet;
    a Instruction manual in Portuguese-BR.


Warranty: 12 months


0800 642 2327
FIXO (47) 3522-3274
(47) 98872-0320 (PEÇAS)
MÁQUINAS - MÓVEIS - (47) 99978-1266
Ruidcar strange noise in the car

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Ruidcar strange noise in the car

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0800 642 2327
FIXO (47) 3522-3274
(47) 98872-0320 (PEÇAS)
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Ruidcar noise in front suspension

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Ruidcar technical literature1-1

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0800 642 2327
FIXO (47) 3522-3274
(47) 98872-0320 (PEÇAS)
MÁQUINAS - MÓVEIS - (47) 99978-1266
Ruidcar anti car noise

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